What Siding Repairs Do You Need This Summer?

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The siding of your home is a massive component of its curb appeal. This can mean it is quite easy to become an eyesore. In addition, the siding is also an essential part of keeping your home and everything inside it safe. With snow, extreme cold, and other harsh weather conditions, the past winter can be the reason you need siding repairs this summer. 

Being a homeowner comes with many challenges. The last thing you want is to look past a serious issue and regret it in the future. Here are some things you should check for to see if you need to repair your sidings this summer. 

Loose or Missing Pieces 

Loose siding is a common problem found in homes. It can be the result of water damage or other elements that cause the material to crack and, eventually, break. As your home ages, these problems might start to arise, especially after a season of harsh weather. If a piece or multiple pieces comes undone, it could be time to repair your siding. Loose or missing siding can seem harmless, but it can result in other problems, such as rotting of the wood. If these problems arise, it is recommended that they are addressed immediately. 


Dents in the siding can be caused by physical impact. The physical impact could have resulted from a tree, hail, an animal, or another hard hit.  Dents are commonly found in aluminum siding. One thing you do not want to do if you spot multiple dents on your siding is ignore them. If there is any underlying damage, water can seep into your home, leaving mildew and other signs of water damage. 

Water Damage 

Water damage on your home’s siding can become a very expensive problem. If you notice water damage, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Water damage to your siding can occur from the weather, wildlife, or moisture seeping through. Humidity is one of the many factors that contribute to water damage. In cohesion with humid Maryland and Virginia summers, water damage to your siding can result in mold growth and rot. 


Warping occurs when the siding becomes loose, bent, or twisted out of shape. This is generally caused by heat or dampness. It is essential that the warping on your siding is dealt with before it is too late. While denting is a common occurrence for those with aluminum siding, warping is more commonly seen in homes with wood and vinyl siding. 

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