Preparing Your Roof for Summer Storms

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As we head toward the summer months, it is time to prepare for severe weather conditions. One of the best ways to ensure our homes are safe from high winds, thunderstorms, and other harsh weather conditions is to prepare the roofs of our homes. Taking a commonsense approach toward preparing your roof and property for summer storms can go a long way.

Clean off Your Roof

Twigs, leaves, and other debris can have a significant impact on your roof, potentially causing water buildup and damage, especially during summer storms. It’s crucial to clean off your roof and gutters as we head into the summer months.

You can use a leaf blower to remove these natural debris, and don’t forget to clear out the downspouts with a hose

Inspect Your Roof

Assessing your roof to see if there are any trouble areas is an important part of summer preparations. You should inspect the area around your air conditioner units, chimneys, and vents. At the signs of any water collections or large gaps on your roof, it is important to repair the problem area as soon as possible to prevent further damage during a storm.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Secure

Gutters play a critical role in preventing water from building up and penetrating your roof. Check your gutter systems to ensure that they are free of holes and debris. After inspecting and clearing out your gutters, it is important that you also make sure that they are securely attached to your home. Installing gutter guards can provide you with another layer of protection when it comes to preventing any clogs from occurring. 

Check for Tree Damage

Given the fact that high-wind can cause branches and even full trees to snap off or tumble over, you will want to make sure there are no problematic trees on your property. Without a doubt, fallen trees and weakened branches can cause significant damage to your home structure and your roof.

It is important to inspect the trees around your home to determine if any branches or trees are decaying or have widespread damage. Pruning and trimming large branches around your home can reduce the risk of having them cause harm during high-wind situations.

Inspect Your Roof’s Insulation

Check the insulation on your home to make sure that no air is getting in or out. You will want to inspect the insulation in your attic to make sure there are no holes, or any gaps where the warm air can enter your home or cold air can get outside. 

In addition to looking for holes or gaps, you should also look for any signs of damage, discoloration, or dampness. If you notice any of these signs, you should act quickly to replace the insulation in your home.

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Table of Contents

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